New Translational Animal Science

The American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) has added a fourth journal to its publications portfolio. The new journal, Translational Animal Science (TAS),  is open access and utilizes a combination of traditional peer review and open review. New papers are up and ready for open review. Add a review comment online!

The review process for TAS includes one closed (e.g., anonymous or traditional) review followed by a period of online open review (review by public comment). The online open review comments will be monitored to ensure fairness. The closed review, public comments and review will be forwarded with the decision from a section editor to authors. If the paper is accepted, authors will be given time to incorporate closed and open comments. Once the final manuscript is accepted, the open comments and initial submission will be removed from the online publication and replaced by the final published paper. If the paper is rejected, the paper and comments are removed from the website at that time.

The January 2017 inaugural issue of Translational Animal Science features nine articles.

Submit a paper to Translational Animal Science.