New issue of Animal Frontiers

The July 2016 issue of Animal Frontiers is now available online. The theme of the issue is “Gut Microbiota, Diet, and Health: Application to Livestock and Companion Animals.” View the Table of Contents for the July 2016 issue.

According to Dr. Kelly Swanson, guest editor, this issue “explores the importance of the GI (gastrointestinal) microbiota of several livestock and companion animal species as well as humans, with application to host metabolism, growth performance, and overall health.”

In addition to the guest editorial, there are six feature articles in the July issue, including:

“Antibiotics shape microbiota and weight gain across the animal kingdom,” by Laura M. Cox    **Summary of this article available here.

“Methane matters: from blue-tinged moos, to boozy roos, and the health of humans too,” by Emily C. Hoedt, Páraic Ó Cuív and Mark Morrison

“Dietary impacts on rumen microbiota in beef and dairy production,” by J.J. Loor, A.A. Elolimy and J.C. McCann.

“The role of gut microbiota in the health and disease of pigs,” by J.M. Fouhse, R.T. Zijlstra and B.P. Willing

“Importance of gut microbiota for the health and disease of dogs and cats,” Amanda B. Blake and Jan S. Suchodolski

“Role of the gut microbiota in equine health and disease,” E.B. Venable, S.D. Bland, J.L. McPherson and J. Francis

View the Table of Contents for the July 2016 issue.

All articles in the July 2016 issue are available online and free of charge. The issue also contains society news from the European Federation of Animal Science, the American Society of Animal Science, and the American Meat Science Association.