Renew your CSAS membership

CSAS_LogoThere are many great benefits of CSAS membership. In addition, a joint membership option is available with the American Society of Animal Science, which includes access to ASAS member benefits.

Please take the time to renew your membership today to secure your continued access to the many benefits available to you as a member of the Canadian Society of Animal Science.

To continue your CSAS membership, renew online.

Don’t miss any of these great CSAS member benefits:

  1. On-line access to the membership list.
  2. On-line participation in membership discussions on CSAS events/activities/issues (community discussions).
  3. Opportunity to ensure quality publishing of animal science as the editor or an associate editor of the Canadian Journal of Animal Science (CJAS).
  4. Opportunity to ensure quality of animal agriculture information for the general public as a member of the board for Animal Frontiers and/or participation in rapid response teams.
  5. Opportunity to ensure humane care of livestock as a member of the codes of practice scientist committee.
  6. Opportunity to foster animal agriculture solutions for a hungry world as consultants in AIC International Programs.
  7. Opportunity to reward your peers with CSAS and AIC sponsored awards for outstanding achievement.
  8. Opportunity to reward your students with CSAS sponsored awards for travel and/or outstanding achievement.
  9. Reduced cost of registration for the national annual meeting.
  10. Reduced cost to subscribe to CJAS.
  11. Reduced cost to publish accepted manuscripts in the CJAS.
  12. Opportunity to network in the spirit of cooperation for a common cause among professional animal science societies globally.

Don’t miss out on your CSAS benefits with a gap in membership. Please take the time to renew your CSAS membership online now.


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