A message from the President

Dear CSAS Members and Visitors,

Please let me start by wishing good health and humor, as well as inspiring ideas for any of your ongoing projects. A great deal of our current activity in the forthcoming month will be focused on the organization of the CSAS meeting in Salt Lake City.

At the global and national stage, agriculture, food production and nutrition are topics that often do not get the attention they deserve. Taking the security and safety of food for granted is a risk. Food is, after clean air and water, the most vital component of our physiological needs. The future positive images are clouded when we forget to support a sustainable food production.

Our society needs to foster a scientific hub to strengthen the relationship between applying science and governmental policies for a holistic and sustainable development for our future and the generations to come.

According to U.N. estimates, the world demand for water, food and energy will increase by more than 30 percent for each resource within the next or two decades. In order to address these challenges, the demand for scientific know-how, vision and solutions will increase.

According to FAO – increasing productivity – making the most efficient use of the production inputs – throughout the whole livestock sector will be fundamental if the sector is to meet the growing demand for quality livestock products whilst minimising its impact on the environmental and the world’s natural resources.

I share the belief that the investment in livestock research and the development of future expertise is an essential component to solve a number of our pressing agricultural problems now and in the future. Our society can be one of the catalysts in the preparation of the next generation of agricultural leaders.

Besides the bigger picture, we need to be aware of the challenges confronting our society, notably: declining membership and travelling restrictions affecting our society’s long-term sustainability. Starting today, we need to explore new initiatives to grow our society forward into a vibrant animal science platform which finds solutions for current limitations.

I look forward to joining you in attending many exciting presentations at the 2016 CSAS conference including the student competitions, scientific discussions as well as our CSAS awards night where we recognize and celebrate outstanding members of our society.

Respectfully yours,

Dr. Tim Reuter

CSAS President


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